JLM Contracting Services PTY LTD is a dynamic young wholly Australian owned local company of construction contractors based in Palmerston, Northern Territory (NT). While it is a young company, JLM is big in engineering and industry experience.

At JLM, our primary goal is to provide a wide range of professional, friendly and affordable services for the Top End. Our motto ‘Service for the Territory’s Future’ is not only meant as a commitment to the Top End and its rapidly developing infrastructure and associated needs, but also that JLM are constantly looking and planning for the future.

We believe that this is among a number of key factors that sets JLM apart from others; assessing current needs and accounting for future needs and offering its professional construction and maintenance services at affordable and sustainable costs while providing exceptional response.

JLM’s Principle, Shammi Mohan, with over 10 years experience in civil construction, landscape and other general industry works founded JLM Contracting Services with his partner Vashti in August 2012. JLM immediately made an impact on local industry by winning a number of local Government contracts involving provision of a wide range of civil, structural, horticultural and general industry services.

With its increased success, JLM has expanded its staff to meet the growing needs of the industry and our clients. We anticipate that the future holds considerable growth potential, and as such JLM looks forward to further expansion to better service its clients and the public and private entities in the Top End.

Shammi has managed up to 80 staff and more often than not has been the ‘go to’ person for difficult jobs and invaribly has produced positive outcomes. Through his professionalism and knowledge he will continue to build and provide a strong foundation for JLM that assures successful outcomes for its clients.

JLM’s commitments to its clients and the industry is to delivery all projects by recognising and adhering to the following core values:


Quality is always maintained and advice can be trusted.

On Time

Projects are delivered in an exceptionally timely manner.


Ethics cannot be compromised.

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